Friday, April 24, 2009

Polish tea party

Every afternoon, Annie and I have a Polish tea party.

This involves us having some fruit or raisin toast.
I have some tea.
She has some milk.
We sit at her little table and speak Polish.

Realistically she asks me what certain words are and I do my best to tell her.
A lot of the time, I tell her that I don't know.
This goes on for about five minutes and then she has had enough Polish.

The point is that it is a special time for me and her.

I realised today that I have been so preoccupied with the baby coming that I have not been making the most of these special times.

I am now making a conscious effort to take it all in.

Because this too, shall pass.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One year

One year in Australia today.

I still love Melbourne and I feel that I belong here.

What a great decision we made to come.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New life

A new life is starting soon for our family.
The arrival of the baby is filled with so many different emotions.

I worry so much about how Annie will adjust to this new little person.
I worry that I will not be able to give her all of me any more.
I feel so guilty already for not being present because I am always so tired.

And I know that I will be tired for a while to come.

I worry that my marriage will take strain.
I remember the strain it took when Annie was born.

We are already experiencing that strain because of the energy of this new life in our lives.

I am excited that this new life is going to take us on a journey.

I have such faith that all will be well.

In my moments of clarity, I feel so peaceful about all of it.

In my moments of madness, I feel completely overwhelmed.

Today, I feel overwhelmed.

Kid's rooms

Sohail made this mobile for the baby today. Really pretty and made with love.

Hammock and cot ready to go. We didn't use a hammock for Annie, so I am quite excited to see if it will be a different experience calming a baby this time round.

Entrance to Annie's room. It was a coincidence that my mom's name came out on her door when I took this photo. I do believe that my mom is always with Annie and will be with the baby too.

I just love Annie's pretty hook which is conveniently set up at Annie height.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Grace gives me a day too beautiful
I had thought to stay indoors
and yet washing my dishes
straightening the shelves
finally throwing out the wilted onions
shrunken garlic cloves
I discover
I am happy
to be inside
looking out.
This, I think,
is wealth.
Just this choosing
of how
a beautiful day
is spent.

- Alice Walker

The beginings of a vision board

I have been meaning to start a vision board for quite some time.

The problem is that I already have everything I want in my life.

Which is what has stopped me from starting the process in the past.

Until I heard someone call it an inspiration board.
Now, that gave me inspiration!

So I have this up next to my bed to see first thing in the morning.
It is also where I have been meditating, so that also gives me some inspiration during that time.

So far, I have a picture of myself doing my morning yoga at my house.
I want to be able to walk out every morning to this view.

Also, I have the words "Soul home", which is what I consistently try to create in our home.
I do think that our home is already full of soul and love, but it is good to have this reinforced every day.

More to come, I am sure.
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