Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I shouted

I am supposed to be the adult
Yet, there I was, stomping my feet like a three year old

Shouting at my three year old

I have to remind myself
That like you
I am imperfect

And forgive myself

For not being a saint
For losing my patience

Over something so silly

I want to teach you how to behave
But I do not always get it right

And you are so forgiving

And I am so thankful for that

Often I think that you are the adult in our relationship
I have so much to learn from your ability to forgive
Your kindness
Your wisdom

I'm sorry I shouted

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Rest little one
You are enough

Your back is aching
Your feet are sore

Your mind is overworked
Your muscles are tight

Story time
Story time
Clean up time
Bath time
Story time
Mommy time

Now is the time to rest


Sleep, little one

You are enough

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This man

This man is my husband.
This man is the father of my daughter.
This man is the father of my son.

This man put a five year halt on his hugely successful career for his family.
This man packed up his whole life and moved across the world for his family to be safe and secure.
This man was solely responsible for the move to Australia that did not cost us a cent because his company wanted him so much that they paid for it all.

This man takes the bus in the cold to work everyday.
Because we can only afford one car.
And he loves cars.
But he loves us more.

This man has breakfast with his family every morning.
This man makes me poached eggs and tea every Saturday and Sunday.
This man makes the best pancakes in the world.

This man cooks all the meals for the week every weekend.
Because he loves to cook for his family.
And he wants to make my weeks as stress free as he can.

This man gives my little man a bottle at 10pm every night.
So that I can get some rest.
Because I am exhausted right now.

This man goes on Dad dates with his daughter.
Because he loves her.
And because he wants to give me a rest.

This man does not have any family to support him in a foreign country.

He only has me.
I only have him.

He doesn't complain.

He does all of this because he is a family man.

And that is why I love this man.

My Annie

My Annie is an amazing soul.
Just in the last few weeks she has done some awesome things.

Here she is cutting up strawberries for Fathers Day.

Reading to her little brother.
He is absolutely besotted with his big sister.

Photography by Annie.
Blue sky.

Self portrait.
What a character.

Art by my little princess.

Too often I feel worn out by the demands of parenting these two little people.
Too often I forget what a precious gift they are.

Today I am reminded of just how special one little girl can be.
I love you, my Annie.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lettuce be patient

I was so excited to find this in my garden.
I had planted lettuce seeds in the ground last year.
They didn't come up.
Until this year.
Out of the blue!

My husband's post this morning got me thinking that we really do need to be patient in life.
We are always in such a hurry to achieve this and that.

If we just wait, miracles can happen.

My tomato plant has got a flower.
I am waiting patiently for those first tomatoes!

Lavender in the garden.
Just to enjoy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Children deserve

"Children deserve parents who make sure that they find the support and nurture that they need so they can wholeheartedly love them.

Children deserve parents who love one another and treat each other with kindness and respect even if the marriage doesn't last.

Children deserve parents who like themselves and who have creative work that they enjoy in addition to their employment.

Children deserve parents who like their work and want their children to know about it and why it's important.

Children deserve parents who remember that when children spill the milk that they used to spill it too.

Children deserve parents who will rock them to sleep with a lullaby and tuck them into bed with a story and kiss.

Children deserve parents who will take them for a walk through the fall leaves rather than buying them another toy.

Children deserve parents who take them to the library regularly and come home with arm loads of books about people who dream great dreams and overcome immense difficulties.

Children deserve parents who are willing to slow down from the rat race long enough to enter into the wonder of discovery with them.

Children deserve parents who allow them to work alongside, at their own pace, and with appropriate jobs so that each can feel a sense of accomplishment on completion.

Children deserve parents who are selective about television watching, who study the program guide to know what quality programs exist and who will spend time reading or playing games instead of lazily flicking on the switch.

Children deserve parents who have an extended family network of support and back-up nurture."

-Sara Wenger Shenk

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Daddy's day

Today is Father's Day in Australia.

We had lots of fun preparing for it.

Home made wrapping paper - we made hand prints of the kid's hands on plain white paper.
Well, Xavier wasn't too keen, so we had Annie's hand prints and Xavier's blotches!

Gift tags made using the kid's hands.
I think this is great and if we do it every year, we can actually document how they grow.

Annie and I set the breakfast table.
Picked flowers.
Dished up croissants.
Cold meat.
Cream cheese.
Yummy bread.
Hot tea.

Annie was amazing in keeping all of this a surprise for her Dad.

Especially when she told him that she won't tell him anything.

Not about the painting.
Or the breakfast :)

Lovely day.
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