Friday, October 16, 2009


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Things I miss about my old life:


The house we built from scratch.
My special cat - Mufasa.

Spring that is warm.
Summer that is warm, not hot.
The African bush.
Thunder showers.

My garden I built from scratch.

My dad.
My brother.
My sweetie's family.
The children having cousins to play with.

A country that has real soul.

Christmas with the family.
Birthdays with the family.

Popping around to Arshad and Vallie's on a Sunday afternoon for no reason.


We moved here so that our family would have a better life.

We do.

I love my life.
But I miss my old life.

I wouldn't change what we have done.
But the ache in my heart is so sore.

So sore.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tea time

Thirty minutes of peace I have.

Before the busyness starts again.
I thought I was invincible.
That, five months later, I would be energised to go go go again.

I was wrong.

I sit.
I drink my tea.
I preserve this precious, fragile, life.

The only one I have.

I accept that the chores can wait.

I enjoy the silence.
Small pleasures of life.

Drinking my tea.

Drinking in the tranquillity of just being.

I wonder if I will ever want to go go go again.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I feel that my life is starting to fall into some sort of rhythm.
I am following the stream.
Moving with the current.
Not against it.

Like the ducks, I am satisfied.
I am not fighting the moment.
I am with it.
In it.
Right now.
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