Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's day and a bit more

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday!

I surprised my family with a heart inspired breakfast.
Heart shaped French toast and heart chocolates for everyone.

Annie was so excited and loved helping me cover the table with rose petals.
It was such a small effort on my part, but so deeply appreciated by everyone.

I hope that you had a wonderful day of love.

I had a bit of a sad time last week.
Sohail went to New York for a week.

It was just me and my two little angels.

I really had to work on the bedtime routine, since I did not have Sohail's help in the evenings.

I realised, thanks to learning more from Mr Rudolph Steiner (during my really really quiet evenings), how important rhythm is.

I have always known how children do better when there is a routine.
They know what is coming.
So they feel secure.
And that is always something that I have instilled at home.


I am a creature who is always craving to learn and grow.
So, I tweak things here and there.
And don't always follow things the same way at home.

I find it a bit boring, really.

But I spent the last week with the same rhythm.

Songs, verses, poems for transitions.
The same music playing before bed.
The same bath oil.

By the end of the week, I understood.

We were in a sacred dance.

We all knew what was coming.
And we all felt secure.
Not just them.

But me.

I knew what was coming.
And I was not floundering about, wondering why one of them was having a melt down.

Rhythm is more than a routine.

It is a sacred journey you take with your family.

And I am only just discovering it's beauty.

Thank you Mr Steiner, I will be exploring more of your work.

I spent the whole of Sunday at a full day yoga and meditation workshop.

It was the longest that I have ever been away from Xavier.

We were instructed to leave our "shoulds" at the door.
I didn't bother to pick mine up on the way out, we were told that they would dispose of them humanely.

We spent the day filling up our tanks.

Replenishing our souls.
Not doing anything we "should", but only what was good for us.

We even ate chocolate and blueberry muffins.
The whole day was food for the soul.

I look forward to the next one.
If you are in Melbourne and would like to come, contact me, I will give you the details.

So, my life is good right now.

I hope that you are finding some rhythm in your life.
And you are not doing anything that you should.

Only what fills up your tank.

Blessings to you.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

7 years

We celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary yesterday.
It felt like a big one.
We completely renew all our cells every seven years.
We are now completely different people to who we were seven years ago.

There are also seven colours of the rainbow and of course, the colours of the chakras.

So we had a seven course meal.

Each course, a different colour.
Each course, a new candle is lit.

Here are just a few snap shots of a wonderful celebration.

The necklace I wore seven years ago.
And the pin Sohail had on his jacket.

Wild hibiscus Royale.

Rock melon and prosciutto.

Calamari with lemon.

Asparagus with parmesan breadcrumbs.

Moule Marinier.

Petit pots au citron with blueberries.

Cassis chocolate.

We have travelled seven years together.
When we are at the red candle, we couldn't have imagined our life at the violet candle.

I wonder what the future holds for us.
There is one thing that I know for sure.

There is no way we can predict what that future is.
We just need to embrace the ride.

Blessings to you.
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