Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My big girl turns six tomorrow.


That's another hand!

We are so blessed to have her in our lives.
She is the light that shines in our family.
Our little firecracker of love.

Just today, Xavier was upset and he said "I want my Annie to give me a hug." She gave him a hug and all was well once again.

What a special soul she is.

She feels so deeply.
Her sensitivities are so heightened.
Her connection to God, the angels and Mother Earth are so honest and raw.
She prays at her own altar every night.
She thanks God for all the blessings in her life.
She asks that all the children in the world have the happy life that she does.
She draws the most beautiful pictures.
She dances like a natural ballerina.
She loves and nurtures her brother as if he was her own child.
When she grows up she wants to be a mum.
Her friends all flock to her.
She is good and kind.

She is my daughter.

I am so lucky that she chose me to be her mum.

We have set up her breakfast table.

She has asked for French toast for breakfast.

And a visit to the circus.

Followed by pizza for dinner.

We love you special Annie.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Blessings to you.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

I have been pondering the meaning of Christ-mass recently, with my ever developing and expanding spiritual growth. As I realise more and more how much we are all connected and that we cannot put anything in a box.

We need to be accepting of all beings, regardless of their faith or religion. We are all just looking for love and peace in our lives.

We celebrate Christmas as a family, not because we are religious.

We celebrate Christmas because we celebrate the beautiful light of peace that is born at this time of year.

As Katie said so beautifully in her blog: " A quote from the HH 14th Dalai Lama's spiritual autobiography about his belief that "We can do without religion but not without spirituality" he describes it as the "development of human qualities such as love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, patience or sense of responsibility" and that these are sources of happiness for ourself and others."

Wishing you peace, love, tolerance and forgiveness during this beautiful time.

Blessings to you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mango chutney

With Christmas preparations in full swing around here, I managed to squeeze in some time to make my own mango chutney.

I have always wanted to do my own preserving and I finally took the leap and made something.

It was a lot of fun.

I had all the ingredients in the pot, ready to go when I realised that I did not have enough cider vinegar.


Wow, that used up the 400ml I had at home - the one I have had for about two years, since when I use it, I add a drop to my salad dressing.

I had to get Annie and Xavier into the car, Annie dressed up in her silks as a fairy princess, Xavier dressed up in his birthday suit since he has taken it upon himself to learn to use the toilet.

I whipped some clothes on the little man and popped out to the shops, where the check out lady said, "Oh, did you forget something?"

I had been there an hour before getting the apricots for the chutney!

(Note to self: read QUANTITIES next time)

Anyway, we got back home and I made my chutney.

It was really easy.
Now, I need to wait three weeks before I can open it!

I do have one question though.

I didn't manage to fill one of the jars to the top.
Is this ok or is it necessary for there to be no air in the jar?

I am sure that one of my wonderful readers will have an answer for me.

Blessings to you.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Summer solstice 2011

A beautiful day today.

We listened to a creation story which brought us in touch with the changing seasons and the significance of the Summer Solstice.

We created offerings to the sun.

I released my fear and transformed it into courage.

We celebrated the sun.
We gave it everything we no longer needed.

It returned to us whatever we needed.

We were transformed by the light of the fire.

And were even visited by a butterfly that had just come out of it's cocoon.
It sat on one of the children's hands while we created our offerings to the fire.

An acknowledgement of the transformation happening.

Mother nature's wind roared for us as we lit our "fire man".

A powerful fire indeed.

I read this poem by Marianne Williamson.

We sang this song and danced around the fire.

We feasted on Summer's great food.

Truly transformed I feel today.

(The Summer Solstice (in the Southern Hemisphere) is on the 22nd of December, so if this has inspired you, you may wish to create a ritual of your own.)

Blessings to you.

(This is my 200th post on this blog, a fitting one, I think!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy home spray

My Christmas is simpler this year.
I have bought mostly hand made items as gifts.
I have stayed out of the shopping centres.
And I finished all my gift shopping by the end of November.

I hope to one day be making all my Christmas gifts.
But, for now, I have just made three for some very special girlfriends.

Here is the recipe for Happy Home Spray, adapted from Tess Whitehurst's amazing book called "Magical Housekeeping".

Doesn't the title just make you smile?

It's a really fun book, you can get it here.

Happy home spray

Citrine crystal
Essential oil of orange
Essential oil of patchouli
Vanilla essence
Spring water in a mister

During the daytime, when the sun is shining and not obscured by clouds, put the citrine crystal in the mister, as well as 16 drops of vanilla, 6 drops of orange and 12 drops of patchouli. (I had a 500ml bottle, adjust quantities to your bottle size.)


Visualise the pure, blinding, bright light of the sun coming down and entering the bottle, filling it completely.

Ask for and feel very harmonious and happy vibrations entering the bottle along with the sunlight.

Empower the spray with a happy empowerment, such as "Fill this bottle with happiness and joy."

Or, if you are doing it with your children, like I did, (highly recommended as children have so much happiness and joy), jump up and down and shout, "Happy home, happy home, happy home!"

Spray in any room in your home that needs some uplifting.

This is such a wonderful mist, whenever we spray it, we feel such tremendous joy, it is really quite unbelievable.

I hope that my girlfriends enjoy it.

Blessings to you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Six times around the sun

Six times around the sun today.

In the Montessori tradition, the birthday child holds a globe and walks around the sun.

One revolution for each year.

We sing the song:

"The earth goes round the sun, the earth goes round the sun. Round and round and round and round, the earth goes round the sun."

And after each revolution, we look at photos and talk about the child's year during that time.

It is very special for the child. (And parents!)

It is also very hands on, so they can really grasp the concept of our earth actually travelling around the sun.

Annie chose a friend to help her distribute her homemade cupcakes to her friends.
We all had to wait for her before we could eat, since it was her special day today.

As a special treat, Xavier (a.k.a. super hero) was allowed to stay and do some jobs with Annie.
They had a great time.
Annie loves teaching her brother.

And then Xavier made a friend in a three year old girl, who was so happy to play with him.

I was lucky enough to just stand back and enjoy watching the community of little people busily carrying on with their work.

At one point, two boys asked if they could ring the bell.

They rang the bell.

Children stopped their work.


"Would anyone like to see our work?"

Most of the children rushed over to see the giant puzzle they had built.

"Any questions?"

Hands went up:

"I like it."
"It's beautiful."
"Good job!"

Such happy children.
Loving and kind, independent and focused.

I am so grateful that my children can thrive in this environment.

Blessings to you.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rainbow cupcakes

The worker bees have finished their job.
Yesterday they baked.
Today they decorated.

Chocolate cupcakes in all the colours of the rainbow.

Ready for Annie's Montessori birthday celebration at school tomorrow.

We used natural food colouring.
So Annie was a bit disappointed that we did not have psychedelic red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

It is more like pink, peach, yellow, khaki, aqua and lavender.

Tomorrow my little one walks around the sun six times!

Blessings to you. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St Nicholas day 2011

Well, it's definitely looking like Christmas around here.

We received our first Christmas card today.
From one of my dearest friends in the US.
I have yet to write our Christmas cards...

We had a visit from St Nicholas last night.
He left quite a mess with all his glitter going all the way down the stairs from Annie and Xavier's rooms, past our front door and towards the road.

He was forgiven, since he left chocolate money, cookies, books, home made (not by me!) beanbags and a decoration for the tree for each child.

The most important thing he left was a letter to each of the children.

Annie couldn't believe that he knew that she fell off her bike and that he was so proud of her that she got back on.

She is so enchanted by this magical Christmas time.

I won't lie, so am I!

She packed up her whole bundle of gifts and took them to show and tell at school.

I am trying to pace myself and make life simple during this time.

I am enjoying each moment for what it is.

Christmas day is only the destination.
The journey is just as sweet.

Blessings to you.

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