Sunday, January 29, 2012

Handbag sewing

My handbag broke when I got back from Bali.

So, I thought that instead of buying one, I would make one.

It took one day.

Thanks to Soulemama.

The first bag I have made with a lining.

I am so pleased.
I understand why they say this whole sewing thing is addictive!

Blessings to you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Almond milk

I love almond milk.
It's full of healthy protein.
And really yummy.
But have you seen the ingredients on the box if you buy it in the shop? Sugar, salt, rice (?!?!).
Never mind the price.

Never fear, here is a recipe that won't break the bank and tastes sooooo much better than the box variety.

Soak one cup of almonds in water overnight.

In the morning, drain your almonds and rinse.
Pop them in the blender.
Add three cups of filtered water.



(Recipe from Sara Avant, I love her work.
Get her amazing book over here.)

Put some in your green smoothie.

Another yum!

You can use the almond pulp to make bliss balls. Sara has a great recipe in her book, I will share it with you one day.

Isn't that so easy?

On another note, please pop over to Heather's blog. She needs some loving support right now.

Blessings to you.

Bali - The first week back

I have been back from Bali for a week.

I did not expect that I would experience such a culture shock.
Not from Bali, but from my own country!

I spent my week in Bali waking up naturally, doing an hour of yoga, having a shower and then eating my breakfast at a leisurely pace.

I would then intuit what to do for the day.

I would take my time.
I would walk around the markets with no one talking to me.
No one making any demands on me.

I would interact with people on a personal level.
People would look me in the eye.
Ask me my name.
Bow in gratitude for my mere presence.

I came back and felt completely overwhelmed by my life.
This massive home (it's not massive at all by Australian standards) that I have to manage.
Clothes to wash.
A family to feed.

Children that just keep talking.

Going shopping with the children.
And my ability to think, being interrupted.

This, I am adjusting to.

But, what has made me sad is my interactions with people.
I was at the counter at Ikea.
I greeted the lady.
She didn't even acknowledge me or look me in the eye.

I was just another body that was at the counter.
She had to move me through so that she could serve the next person.

Everything is so fast.
Everyone is in such a hurry.
Where are they all going to?
What is the rush?

Annie's teacher is from India, she tells me that she has the same feelings.
She says that it feels like there are fewer hours in the day over here.

What do you think of this?
I would love to know.

In our quest to create more simplicity in our lives, we have rearranged our study.
We now have two desks.
And Sohail can work from home.

All the rearranging has added to my anxiety this week, but it is necessary and I am glad we have done it.

This is a little look at the space I am creating for myself.

I have also been cleaning out the children's play space.

This shelf was made by my dad when I was a little girl.
It is my favourite piece of furniture, as simple as it is, purely because it is made by hand.

Blessings to you.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bali - reflections

 I am back from my trip.
Still red eyed from a lack of sleep, but I wanted to get this all down while it's still fresh.

The trip to Bali - yes, it was all I thought that it would be, and more. I had a lot of rest, relaxation, pampering, sight seeing and many insights.

I got my period in Bali, I have blogged before about how important it is to honour our bodies and slow down during that time.
It is the time when we are the most sensitive and we have the most insights, IF we slow down enough to listen.

Well, I was in the perfect place to receive.
And boy, did I receive!
Daily yoga on my balcony and a lot of time to think gives one some amazing insights!

I will share what I wrote in my journal on my last day, in what they call paradise on earth:

"What have I learned from this trip?

  • I have learned that I can travel to a foreign country on my own.
  • I have learned how to handle and manage my money. I have realised that it takes me much longer than Sohail to get my head around the numbers, conversions and the way of doing it, but that doesn't mean that I can't do it.
  • I have learned to trust God the Divine to assist me on my journey.
  • I have learned to tap into my intuition more acutely.
  • I have learned to be on my own for longer than I anticipated I would need.
  • I have realised that a massage is the best thing for stress relief.

What disappointments did I experience on my trip?

  • I had a much more ethereal view of Bali and Ubud.I thought that I would land and feel like I was on heaven on earth. Instead, I found a poor country, with good weather and beautiful people. I have seen such beautiful scenery in South Africa, Europe and Australia. I realised that my heaven is in my home more importantly, within me. I do not need to travel to a foreign country to experience heaven. Although I am thrilled that I came and am so much better for the solitude and luxury.

What can I bring back with me?

  • I need to go for a New Moon massage every month to relieve the build up of stress and to pamper myself. I need to encourage Sohail to do the same.
  • I need to build in luxurious relaxation into our home and into our lives. Our home still feels like a place of work. We need to have a relaxation area inside and outside the home. This must include flowing water, the sound of flowing water is very therapeutic and lacking in our lives.
  • I need to start my days with silence. This means that I have to wake up before everyone else. A night time wind down is also important.
  • More de cluttering at home.
  • Making space for The Divine to provide us with our home that nourishes our spirits.

Thank you God for giving me this trip. I am ready to float back into my beautiful life. I love it. I have no great revelations, just confirmations of what I already know."

And that, my friends, is my Bali experience in a nutshell.

Tonight is the dark moon and the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins tomorrow with the New Moon.

What are you ready to let go of? And what do you wish to manifest in this Year of the Dragon?

I know that my trip has given me much work to do!

Blessings to you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I am packing my suitcases.
I have had a long time dream to go and visit Bali.

I am flying out on Saturday.
One week.
Just me.

Yes, just me.

Sohail is staying home with Annie and Xavier while I go on a new adventure.

I bought a piece of purple silk yesterday.
I cut it into 3 pieces.
And made 3 scarves.
I have tied the scarves together.
And I am wearing them all the time until I go.

I will then untie them and give one to each of the children and keep one for myself.

Silk has a very high vibration.
By wearing it, I will impart my vibration into it.
The children will then have some of me with them.

Since it was all one piece of fabric, I think that this will keep us all connected.

This trip has brought up so many things for our family.

From my own questioning as to whether I deserve a luxurious holiday all on my own.
(Answer: YES!!)

To Sohail's confidence being tested and his own questioning whether he will be able to manage looking after two beautiful children on his own for a week.
(Answer: Yes!)

To my guilt as to leaving my children behind.
To Sohail's worry about whether the children will cope without me for a week.
To my fear about travelling to a new country all on my own.

Yes, we need to step out of our comfort zones and try new things.
It is how we find new strength within ourselves.

I am looking forward to my new adventure.

Please send some blessings my way.
And to my beautiful family too.

Blessings to you.

Some creating

Well, I don't often use my sewing machine.

But, I have set an intention for this year to make more handmade gifts.

There are two lovely boys turning four soon.
So I made these little bags for them.
It was really quite easy.
Annie and Xavier loved them and I plan on making some for them too.

I had to take a picture before they go off to little hands.

Blessings to you.
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